Fargo among best cities for keeping New Year's resolutions, study says

New Year's resolutions
Fargo was ranked 31st best at keeping up with New Year's resolutions.

Fargo came in at 31st best city in a recent WalletHub study ranking the best and worst cities for keeping New Year's resolutions.

The study considered factors such as exercise opportunities, debt-income ratios and smoking rates. Fargo hit its lowest scores with health resolutions.

Carma Devillers, Family Wellness training manager, is usually at the forefront of this often failed resolution.


"February we kind of see some of that drop off," Devillers said. She said this year, the gyms are filling up earlier than normal which can help new gym rats get in the groove and stay in the groove.

"People are getting in a better habit prior to Jan. 1 so they can continue it further in that just the month of January," she said.

Without repetition and consistency, she said you can kiss your resolution goodbye.

"If you skip that one day and you cheat yourself, then it's going to be easier for you to say that going forward," Devillers said. The report also shows where you live may be setting you up for failure.

If your neighborhood has no sidewalks or gyms nearby you're less likely to want to exercise. The same goes if most of your restaurant options are limited to fast food. For a city with some of the highest numbers of bars and restaurants per capita, this is another area Fargo can fall short.

Devillers said just one slip up is all it could take to ruin your motivation. Though, she said, it's never too late to start.

"It's better to start something opposed to not starting it at all," Devillers said.

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