Fargo births (March 30, 2022)

The newest arrivals in the Fargo area

Babies stare up at a camera against a white background. The word "births" is superimposed on the image.
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Sanford Medical Center, Fargo

Rachael and Tyler Spriggs, Sabin, Minnesota, girl, born March 20.

Hannah and Austin Zollner, West Fargo, girl, born March 20.

Nicole and Terence Erasmus, Fargo, girl, born March 21.

Joanna and Sean Schneider, Moorhead, girl, born March 21.


Lisa Kollie and Robert Brumskine, Fargo, boy, born March 22.

Alexis and Cody Wilson, Valley City, North Dakota, girl, born March 23.

Deana and Adam Thomas, Mapleton, North Dakota, boy, born March 25.

Amanda and Branden Reber, Horace, boy, born March 25.

Karlea and Ben Field, Moorhead, girl, born March 26.

Kaitlyn and Malachi Petersen, West Fargo, girl, born March 27.

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