Finding the right downtown Fargo and Moorhead murals for your selfie

What these artistic backdrops say about the person standing in front of them

A new mural on the east wall of 417 Main Ave., Fargo.
John Lamb / The Forum
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FARGO — Murals have been popping up around downtown Fargo and Moorhead almost as fast as new buildings are going up.

In fact, this week Minnesota State University Moorhead is asking students, faculty, staff and the public to help create a paint-by-number mural in collaboration with Churches United for the Homeless to raise awareness of homelessness.

You don’t have to go downtown to see all of the murals for yourself. You have likely come across these images up as backdrops in selfies, senior portraits and family pictures.

With so much scenery — at least 30 —to choose from, what does the mural you pick as a backdrop say about the subject of the selfie? We looked at some of the more popular and high-profile photo ops to see which one is right for what kind of person.

The Fargo Mario Wall at 505 3rd Ave., N.
John Lamb / The Forum


West wall, 505 3rd Ave. N., Fargo

What it says: “We nerd out with our kids over videogames and our knees don’t hurt when we do Mario jumps.”

Duke Ellington is featured on a mural on the southwest corner of 608 Main Ave. in Fargo.
John Lamb / The Forum

Southwest corner of 608 Main Ave., Fargo

What it says: “Future music teacher.”

The bee mural at 801 1st Ave. S., Fargo
John Lamb / The Forum

801 1st Ave. S., Fargo

What it says: “Let me tell you about my pollinator garden.”

Mural on the train cars on the corner of Main Avenue and Broadway, Fargo.
John Lamb / The Forum

Train cars on Main Avenue and Broadway, Fargo

What it says: “My parents want a family portrait in front of a cool mural but also may want to pose on the back of a train car. They also hate dealing with downtown parking.”

Valley Alley on the east wall of 550 2nd Ave. N., Fargo was created through the Arts Partnership and some downtown businesses.
John Lamb / The Forum


East wall, 550 2nd Ave. N., Fargo

What it says: “I want to keep my kids occupied while I shop the Red River Market.”

IMG_2093 (1).JPG
Wings on the north side of Silver Lining Creamery, Fargo.
John Lamb / The Forum

560 2nd Ave., Fargo

What it says: “My kids and pets can be trusted when others around them are eating ice cream.”

Florence Klingensmith is featured at Burggraf's Ace Hardware in Moorhead.
John Lamb / The Forum

20 6th St., S., Moorhead

What it says: “I love history!”

The mural from the Greetings Tour at 641 1st Ave., N., Fargo.
John Lamb / The Forum

641 1st Ave., N., Fargo

What it says: “What else should I do for fun in this town?”

A floral print at 223 Roberts Alley in Fargo.
John Lamb / The Forum


223 Roberts Alley, Fargo

What it says: “I’m going to send a selfie to my grandma.”

A mural at 214 Roberts Alley in downtown Fargo.
John Lamb / The Forum

214 Roberts Alley, Fargo

What it says: “I told you there's a place called Roberts Alley.”

A bicyclist rides past the Bob Dylan mural along Broadway in downtown Fargo on Thursday, June 9, 2022. The new mural was painted by graffiti artist Jules Muck, also known as Muckrock, from Venice, California.
David Samson / The Forum

South side, 411 Broadway, Fargo

What it says: “Kids today don’t know what real music is.”

An animal print mural is on the west side of Pounds in downtown Fargo.
John Lamb / The Forum

East wall, 612 First Ave. N., Fargo

What it says: “Woooooooo!!! Girls night out! Hey, where will the Uber pick me up?”

The Moorhead zipcode stars in this mural on Ray's Certified Auto Repair in Moorhead.
John Lamb / The Forum

West side, 1313 Main Ave., Moorhead

What it says: “I am Moorhead proud! And if you think there is a Dairy Queen in the world better than the one on Main Avenue and Eighth Street, I will fight you.”

Other murals in downtown Fargo and Moorhead

  • Author Toni Morrison, 720 1st Ave. N., Fargo
  • Underwater seascape, 601 4th St. N., Fargo
  • Penguin party, north wall,14 1/2 18th St. S., Fargo
  • Yoga image, west wall716 Main Ave., Fargo
  • East wall, 612 First Ave., N., N., Fargo
  • North wall, 414 Broadway, Fargo
  • Sunflower, south wall of 235 Roberts St., Fargo
  • Dillard Apartments, South wall of 235 Roberts St., Fargo
  • Fargo icons, South wall of 310 Northern Pacific Ave., Fargo
  • Guinness painting, 226 Roberts Alley, Fargo
  • Fargo postcards, 218 Roberts Alley, Fargo
  • Fields, north west wall of 230 Broadway, Fargo
  • Graphics, 317 Roberts Alley, Fargo
  • Dancer, 524 7th St., N., Fargo
  • Birds, 512 Roberts Street, Fargo
  • Rabbit, 510 Roberts Street, Fargo
  • "Community," east wall, 417 Main Ave., Fargo
  • Animals, north wall, 414 Broadway, Fargo
  • 1416 1st Ave. N., Moorhead
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