FRAZEE, Minn. — Frazee's Amber Schwarzrock has suddenly become everyone's relative. Known as "That Midwestern Mom" on TikTok, she now has thousands of followers around the globe watching her videos on various Jello salads. The types often seen at potlucks, church dinners, or other midwestern gatherings where there is food.

"The one that I remember that is most vivid that I thought would be good but wasn't, was lime Jello with shredded carrots and raisins and mayonnaise," Schwarzrock recalls. "I thought it was frosting."

While many have favorite Jello salads from growing up. Many remember ones that were more unique. Jello salads with radishes and eggs, or ones with tuna and olives and celery.

"Almost every salad I've made had fruit cocktail, mandarin oranges and pineapple to the point TikTok is asking why so much pineapple," Schwarzrock said.

While she is a Minnesota native, the accent she uses in her videos is exaggerated. A midwestern accent was something she had to unlearn for her career as a conservatory-trained, opera/classical singer.

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"It is fun for me, some think the accent is real. It is exaggerated for TikTok," Schwarzrock explained. "Part of my degree was taking English diction classes to scrub my accent from existence, so I spoke and sang properly."

With the short length of TikTok videos, Schwarzrock only gets a minute to record her bit, it takes some fast talking and careful planning.

"(I)Had something to say about Minnesota, I did that cottage cheese, mandarin orange, orange Jello and cool whip that is at a church potluck."

Schwarzrock has traveled the world and has tried to explain the Minnesota accent as well as the midwestern traditions of hotdishes and Jello salads.

"I am a Minnesota mom, so this is as Midwest as it gets," she said.

See more of Amber Schwarzrock's "That Midwestern Mom" on TikTok. She can also be contacted through Facebook.