FARGO — With Thanksgiving right around the corner, firefighters are warning people to be on the lookout while in the kitchen. WDAY News reporter Bailey Vertin tells us how to stay safe while the turkey is cooking.

This is how a Thanksgiving can go from a gobbling good time to really dangerous. While this might seem like a crazy mishap, it actually happens more than you think, especially around this time of year. Fargo firefighters said they go to 40 cooking fires every year.

Thanksgiving can get really busy because the number of people in the kitchen rises and the biggest danger are grease fires, said Fargo Fire Department Captain Darin Nester

"Just use salt or if you can, just remove it safely from the heat source and keep it away from water," Nester said. "Water will actually make the fire worse."

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A common way to cook a turkey is with a deep fryer, which can get bad really fast. "If you're deep frying a turkey, stay off your wood deck, make sure the turkey is thawed because it's the moisture in it that causes the grease to flare up," Nester said.

If you're in the kitchen this Thanksgiving, there's also a few things you're going to want to keep an eye out for. You want to make sure pot handles are turned in so they don't get bumped off the burner. You also want to keep towels away from any hot surfaces. When you're done, double check to make sure everything is off before leaving.

It's keeping an eye on the small things that will make your Thanksgiving fun, festive and safe. The Fargo Fire Department said the number one cause of cooking fires is equipment left unattended, so if you're leaving the room, they suggest turning everything off, just to make sure nothing happens.