MOORHEAD — In honor of the iconic downtown Moorhead restaurant's 70th anniversary, Mayor Johnathan Judd has proclaimed March 1, 2019, “Historic Moorhead Dairy Queen Day.”

The Moorhead Dairy Queen, 24 Eighth St. S., is one of the oldest and most iconic Dairy Queens in the nation and is credited with the creation of the Dilly Bar. First built in 1949 by by Bob and Phyllis Litherland, it’s now owned by Troy and Diane DeLeon.

While the lines are longest in the summertime, many people make it a tradition to stand in line for a DQ treat every opening day, which happens March 1 each year — even in the most frigid weather.

This year, to mark the anniversary, Moorhead Dairy Queen will offer a small cone for 70 cents and homemade Dilly Bars for 70 cents.

Judd's proclamation will start at 1 p.m. March 1 followed by a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

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Tune into "The Scoop with Tracy Briggs" on next Thursday, Feb. 28, to see how the DeLeons prepare for opening day.