Hasselbeck strives to balance career, life as wife, mother

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, talk show host, best-selling author, nogii diet founder and outspoken advocate has officially launched her new website, Deliciously G-Free, a gluten-free lifestyle community.

"The View" host Elisabeth Hasselbeck
"The View" host Elisabeth Hasselbeck models fashions in the Heart Truth Red Dress Collection in New York City (Celebrity Baby Scoop).

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, talk show host, best-selling author, nogii diet founder and outspoken advocate has officially launched her new website, Deliciously G-Free, a gluten-free lifestyle community. The site, which will be updated daily, acts as an online extension of her book "Deliciously G-Free" as well as a place to communicate with the busy mom, chat about The View, and share stories, opinions and recipes.

The 34-year-old mother of three kids - daughter Grace, 6, and sons Taylor, 4, and Isaiah, 2 - opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her gluten free community and her supportive husband Tim Hasselbeck who "gets: her.

Celebrity Baby Scoop: Congrats on the launch of your official website! Tell us all about it.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: While visiting, you will share in fashion, food and favorites that I find along the way! The Deliciously G-Free community is incredible and inviting, whether you are a resident expert or new to the gfree lifestyle. The recipes and sharing are not to be missed! In addition, you can see my various posts on travel, decor, shopping, kids, family and our great nation.

CBS: Congrats also on your new book "Deliciously G-Free."


EH: Thanks! In "Deliciously G-Free" you will find crowd-pleasing, great-tasting, flavor-packed plates that will have your family and friends asking for seconds.

CBS: How have you been able to manage celiac disease so well?

EH: Managing celiac disease, now, is easier than ever before. (I had) to wait in pain for almost a decade before finding an incredible physician. Getting the proper diagnosis from Dr. Peter Green of the Celiac Disease Center NYC Columbia was the hard part. The initial on-ramp to eating and living on a g-free diet was what inspired my first book, "The G-Free Diet: A Gluten-Free Survival Guide."

CBS: Do your kids have it as well? Does everyone in your house eat g-free all the time?

EH: I get the kids tested regularly for antibodies and vitamin levels. They are clear so far. We have a hybrid home ... each year it becomes more and more g-free.

CBS: How are your three kids doing? What are they into?

EH: Kids are great! I feel most complete as a wife and mom. Grace is 6, and is such a thoughtful, kind little girl. She is quite the artist, and loves to run track, and wants to play football.

Taylor is 4, has a contagious smile, and is currently into changing the batteries on anything and everything in our home.


Isaiah is 2, and loves music. He drums on anything, including his brother and sister.

CBS: You are one busy mama! How do you manage your busy career on "The View," launching your new site and book, being a mom-to-3 and a devoted wife to your husband?

EH: I mess something up every day. I work late into the night, sometimes into the next day, and I have a husband who "gets me" enough to know that I will forget to make the bed and might leave every cabinet open in my morning tornado! Tim is the reason I can take on so much. I am only as capable because he does so much. features daily updates on baby fashion, baby names, baby trends and up-to-the-minute celebrity baby gossip.

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