He wasn't the only fan of the old Fargo Cafe that used to serve up tasty food downtown

In today's "Neighbors" column, Bob Lind hears more about the owners of the old restaurant on Broadway, as well as a story about singing the old "North Dakota Hymn."

Bob Lind
Bob Lind, Neighbors columnist. The Forum

Chuck Humphrey, formerly of Verona, N.D., and now of Pocatello, Idaho, was a fan of the old Fargo Cafe, located on Broadway in Fargo.

It was owned and operated by the family of brothers Wing Dew Wong and Quong Wong, who had opened it in 1922.

It served both Chinese and American food.

It closed in 1966.

Following an earlier column about the cafe , Chuck wrote that he has fine memories of eating there.


He notes, too, that one of the Wong children attended Oak Grove Lutheran High School in Fargo.

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N.D. Hymn

Chuck also writes about the “North Dakota Hymn,” the song which begins, “North Dakota, North Dakota, with thy prairies wide and free; all thy sons and daughters love thee, fairest state from sea to sea.”

“I remember singing that song at Young Citizens League meetings,” he says.

The YCL was a big part of Chuck’s life when he was in high school.

“I was the LaMoure County (N.D.) YCL president in 1955,” he says.

Ms. Jessie Schmoker, the LaMoure County superintendent of schools, transported three of us to Bismarck in her 1955 Plymouth for the state YCL convention.

“We stayed at the Patterson Hotel.


“The convention was held in the House chamber of the North Dakota state Capitol building.

“I got my photograph taken sitting in the governor’s chair."

Chuck adds that the "Neighbors" column “stirs up many memories.”

That’s due to folks like Chuck who contribute those memories. Keep ‘em coming, neighbors!

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