FARGO — Noridian Healthcare Solutions has been awarded a $3.3 million contract by the North Dakota Department of Human Services. Noridian will support North Dakota’s Medicaid members and providers by answering their questions about Medicaid claims payment, claims submission and prior authorization.

Noridian’s proposal to the North Dakota Department of Human Services showcased decades of experience running large-scale call centers, Medicaid knowledge, and a more efficient call center model. As the Medicare Part A, Part B, and Durable Medical Equipment contractor for North Dakota, Noridian already supports many of the providers participating in Medicaid.

“This award reflects Noridian’s reputation as a dependable contracting partner,” said Paul Wilson, Noridian president and CEO.

Headquartered in North Dakota, Noridian has deep roots in the state. “Fifty years ago when Noridian started, Medicare claims from North Dakota providers were the first claims we processed,” said Wilson. “We have grown tremendously and now have a nationwide footprint, but we still hold true to North Dakota values.”

Noridian was also recently awarded a contract to provide Medicaid Management Information System services for the state of Iowa. That contract extended the 14 years of work Noridian has done for Iowa’s Department of Human Services to an additional nine years. Noridian holds several Medicare contracts including the Medicare Part A/Part B contracts for Jurisdictions E and F, and the Durable Medical Equipment contracts for Jurisdictions A and D.