FARGO -- North Dakota State University nursing students traveled to Haiti last month, where they had the opportunity to help hundreds of people.

It was part of their nursing practicum, and the 12 students who went presented their experience to their class on Dec. 13.

They went from clinic to clinic around the island, treating people throughout the 17 days that they were there.

They treated around 500 people throughout their time.

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Nursing student, Anne Hefta, said the biggest difference was the Haitian way of life.

"There's cows hanging out on the side of the road and there's goats and chickens," Hefta said. "That aspect of it - was really eye-opening. And toward the end of it, it was just another day driving down the road for us."

They treated people of all ages for conditions such as malnutrition, a variety of skin diseases and worms -- which was common among children.

Nursing student Maggie Hanson said that one aspect she took away from the experience, was to be more gracious.

"In Haiti, they're never in a rush to do anything," Hanson said. "They're very laid back and they're very thankful for everything we do for them."

This is the second time NDSU has traveled to Haiti.

To check out the blog they created while they were there, CLICK HERE.