MOORHEAD — Out of the over-11,000 homes in Moorhead, public works says as many as 50% use the metro's cleanup week.

For crews, it's a mighty task to tackle even before weather, quite literally, dampens their efforts.

"It's kind of a challenging dirty job without rain but when the rain comes... it makes it a lot heavier and a lot messier," said Moorhead Public Works Director, Steve Moore.

On rainy days like today, a sanitation crew's worst nightmare can actually be cardboard boxes. Basically, anything that holds and retains water can make their job twice as hard, adding more time to their already 12 to 14 hour days. Part-time help is even added during the week.

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Most types of furniture are just as bad. Moore says pushing back pick-up days to avoid a soggy forecast is out of the question, staff just pushes through.

Homeowners can plan ahead with the weather to ease that struggle. By waiting and putting your stuff out the day before helps keep the mess down, and it keeps from getting wet if it's raining all week.

Good news is ahead, though: A mild, dryer forecast ahead is spelling a quicker and lighter end to cleanup week.