FARGO — When the snow stops falling, homeowners turn their attention to aftermath on the roof. Their priority is to remove snow from the roof so the structure will not cave.

In fact, houses with flat roofs are susceptible to collapse if snow accumulation becomes too heavy.

But the Fargo Fire Department warns the pubic that clearing roofs will not always be a safe task. When the roof is slick with snow, homeowners and workers cleaning off the roof are in danger of falling or being swept off by an avalanche.

Some safety tips include:

  • Wearing proper shoes and clothing
  • Know the roof layout and the best available removal location
  • Before starting the snow removal, evaluate the maximum load of snow you can carry
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The Fargo Fire department instructs the public to search for other options before going on to the roof to remove the snow.

"Use roof rakes or similar devices to clear if someone can't reach the roof from the ground (with just a shovel)," said Fargo Fire Department EMS Training Captain Ben Willey. "The next best option is to reach out to a contractor."