FARGO — North Star Plumbing in Fargo says its phones start ringing around 7 a.m. and don't stop all day. It says the small amount of snow on the ground is putting more water mains and pipes at risk, because usually the snow acts like insulation against the freezing wind.

"This one is probably right up there with one of the worst," said John Pruhlicka, a Master Plumber with NorthStar in Fargo.

Pruhlicka says while its tough to know how many calls come in for frozen pipes, having no snow to insulate against the frost leads to 10 to 15 more calls per day.

"The no snow is going to cause more freezing, more terrible conditions, especially for heating and plumbing as well," Pruhlicka said.

He says mobile homes have been hit hardest, but commercial plumbing calls have also increased and he expects the calls to keep increasing as the ground's frost layer reaches further down.

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"When those temps stay with us, it's going to drive even deeper," Pruhlicka said. "I mean we are looking at 7 feet or deeper."

Northstar says to always leave your heat on, even if you are gone for a couple days, to prevent pipes from bursting. Mobile homes need to check heat tape frequently to make sure it's working.

While private pipelines are freezing, cities say they've been able to keep the water flowing. The City of West Fargo told says it's water mains haven't had any problems, but the city continues to monitor frost levels as negative temperatures continue.