FARGO — For those planning to do some outdoor planting for Mother's Day, it's a good idea to be watching the forecast.

The president of Shotwell Floral and Greenhouse, J.D. Shotwell, says it's too cold to plant right now and that the weather isn't dependable enough.

He says, people who really want to plant flowers soon should focus on something that can easily be moved inside, like hanging planters.

Shotwell recommends waiting for a bigger warm up to start planting in permanent gardens or large planters.

"Earlier this week, we had 27 for a low - that's a pretty hard freeze. We've also had a low of 42 degrees," Shotwell said. "So you just have to pay attention, be careful, and realize this time of year you have a good chance you could freeze them if you plant too early."

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Shotwell also says the type of plant or flower matters. Tomatoes can die in weather temperatures under 50 degrees.