FARGO — Before yard care goes from lawnmowers to snow blowers, homeowners might need to take extra steps to ensure their grass grows back in 2022.

Allyson Burcham, a nursery manager with S & S Landscaping, says the coming two weeks will be an important time for preparing lawns for winter.

"These two weeks are really important," Burcham said. "Get that dethatching and aerating done, and get a nice overseed down on your grass so you can keep that real moist."

While the summer season is almost over, Burcham says it's still not too late to seed.

"You can wait until the ground temperatures go below 50, which is usually toward the end of October, but right before the snow starts to fall and you can actually do dormant seeding then where the seed will stay asleep until next spring when things start to warm up," Burcham said.

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While yellowing grass can be dormant, Burcham says this year was especially tough for lawns.

"Once things start to get too far gone and too thin, then you wind up having weeds come in and creep in and take over — makes it harder for the grass that you have to really establish and get back going," Burcham said.

According to Burcham, perennials can also be prepared for their winter slumber, or simply leave the leaves and stem to decay naturally.

"That dead foliage above the ground is going to help catch leaves and snow so that you get really good protection insulation for your root system over the winter during the cold," Burcham said.

Burcham says mulch can be a great insulator for plants, flowers and bushes if there is less-than-average snowfall during the winter, keeping roots alive in the extreme cold.