Hot Topics: Ad promoting waxing for young girls stirs parenting debate

Young girls are growing up faster than ever before, wearing makeup and high heels.

Waxing for young girls?
An ad campaign by Uni K Wax targeting young girls has stirred some controversy.

Young girls are growing up faster than ever before, wearing makeup and high heels. But what about a cosmetic treatment that many middle-aged women find painful?

More teens and tweens today want to get waxed, a grooming technique that involves applying hot wax to remove unwanted body hair.

And a new ad for a salon chain that offers discounts on waxing for girls 15 and younger has reinvigorated the debate among parents about how young is too young.

The debate erupted after a 50 percent-off promotion began running for Uni K Wax salons up and down the East Coast, targeting teens 15 and younger to celebrate their independence this summer by getting waxed.

"Celebrate Freedom and Independence All July," the ad reads. "During the month of July, girls 15 and under can enjoy their FIRST waxing experience and find it NATURAL, SAFE and PLEASANT."


Uni K Wax stands by its promotion. In a statement to ABC News, the CEO and founder Noemi Grupenmager said the promotion is intended to help young girls boost their self-esteem.

Uni K Wax requires minors younger than 17 to have their parents sign a consent form before receiving any treatments.

What SheSays: It does seem that teens are growing up much faster these days. If wanting a wax is an issue of self-esteem, parents need to be talking to their daughters about the underlying issues rather than simply going straight for a quick solution.

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