Importance of bike helmets highlighted by recent incident where boy was saved by his

Bike Helmets: The importance of protecting your noggin

FARGO — With beautiful weather on the horizon and summer vacation around the corner, more kids will be out and about on their bikes enjoying freedom and fun.

A recent story about a Baxter, Minn., boy who was run over by a mail truck but was miraculously saved by his helmet demonstrates just how important bike helmets are.

"There isn't a state or local law in either of our communities that requires it . . . (but) it's important to wear it all the time," said Great Northern Bicycle Company Store Manager Tom Smith.

Like most things, technology has allowed helmets to evolve. Most bike helmets now involve Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) technology , something used in construction helmets and NFL helmets, to reduce forced caused by angled impacts.


"It's a device that will provide a little bit of additional movement to help from getting whiplash and to help your helmet stay in place in the event of a crash," Smith said.

When it comes to kiddos, convincing them to wear a helmet can be tough. So it's important for parents to set a good example.

"I buckle up when I ride a car, so I buckle up my helmet when I get on a bike," said Moorhead mom Sarah Watson Curry.

Getting your kids used to wearing a helmet when they're young can make it into a habit when they're older.

"It's like anything — wearing hats, wearing sunglasses, putting on sunscreen — practice makes perfect," Watson Curry said.

To protect your noggin you don't need to buy the latest and greatest helmet. Every single one has to pass a test before it can be put on the store shelf.

AAA North Dakota is hosting a free helmet giveaway and fitting for kids Wednesday, June 19 from 3 to 5 p.m. The event will take place at the organization's office, 4950 13th Ave. S., #15, Fargo.

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