Lind: Finding a Fargo connection in Oregon

In today's "Neighbors" column, a reader shares his experience meeting someone related to the Scheel family.

Bob Lind
Bob Lind, Neighbors columnist. The Forum

This story runs from Fargo to the West Coast.

It comes from Don Homuth, formerly of Fargo and now of Salem, Ore.

“I live on a small farm in wine country in the Eola-Amity Hills area of Oregon, right next to Cristom Vineyards, a fairly well-known producer of high-quality wines in the industry,” Don writes.

“Current Fargo resident Glenn Scott, an old friend from 50 years ago when we worked together at KXJB in Fargo, came out last year for his first visit.

“Naturally we toured some of the several dozen wineries which are within 20 miles of my home.


“One day we walked to a place just next door so Glenn could taste some of the wines made there.

“We met a pleasant young fellow doing the serving. In the course of our conversation, it turned out his name was Carter Scheel.

“We asked him if he was in any way related to the Scheel family in Fargo.

“Turns out that Carter’s great-grandfather was Fred Scheel, of the Fargo-based hardware and sporting goods chain, and he (Carter) related the family history from Fargo through Billings, Mont.

“One of the accomplishments of the family was that Carter’s grandfather franchised a small Billings bakery, Great Harvest Breads, and it now is a fairly large chain across the upper Left Coast, including two stores here in Salem.

“My personal connection with Fred Scheel is a .22 Mossberg target rifle I use to control ground squirrels here on the farm. Fred sold it to me in 1961.

“It really is a small world,” Don notes. “And it’s surprising how it sometimes reconnects things in unexpected ways.

“These Fargo connections last a long time.”


They sure do, Don.

Big day coming

Yes, Tuesday is a big day, neighbors; it’s Election Day.

If you haven’t already voted, be sure you do. Voting is not only your privilege, it’s your responsibility.

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