Lind: More about those pillars that used to be at a Fargo golf course

In today's "Neighbors" column, Bob Lind shares details from a reader about the old post office facade in north Fargo.

Ron Fredrickson took this photo several years ago at the old post office facade at north Fargo's El Zagal Golf Course. Special to The Forum

This picture of the old pillars at the El Zagal Public Golf Course in Fargo, which appeared here last year , brought a couple of messages concerning it.

Jim Gompf, Fargo, wrote that the pillars were located on a gravel road which divided the 18-hole course; the upper nine going west to Broadway, and the lower nine, which is still in use, to the east.

The golf course was donated to the Fargo Park District by El Zagal Shrine.

“The location of the pillars was always referred to as ‘The Pillars’ by Fargo Central High School students in the 1940s, and I’m sure by other high schools as well (Sacred Heart Academy and Oak Grove),” Jim wrote.



“The Pillars were a very popular place for us students,” he says. “Usually, after a Friday or Saturday night movie or an evening of dragging Broadway, we would end up at The Pillars for an evening of dancing and romancing.
“We would park the car as close as possible and turn the radio up loud and dance on the cement floor. If we were lucky, one of us had a portable radio or record player.

“It was fun to see that great picture and all the fond memories it brings back to a lot of us.”

Bev (Ames) Shy, Mesa, Ariz., agreed that it was fun to see this picture.

“It was a popular place to take pictures, which Gordon and I did when we were dating while in high school,” she wrote. “We married in 1949.”

She wants to know when The Pillars were taken down. Anybody out there know?

Bev also tells about herself, saying she lives alone in a condo in a 55-and-older facility.

She says this is “a sad time” with the coronavirus pandemic going on, but adds, “We have to be strong and follow the rules.

“I will be anxious to return to the beauty shop for my weekly appointment, but a kind friend has been helping me out every Friday.


“Another friend buys my groceries every week, so I am well taken care of.

“I do not go to the stores at all, as I am at high risk because of my heart problems and my age.

“My facility is very nice, and there is always a lot going on. I still play a lot of bridge (not right now, though) and I like that game very much.”

Bev also sends along some good advice: “Stay well, keep social distancing and washing your hands, and pray this coronavirus is over soon.”

Meanwhile, Jim Gompf urges “Neighbors” to “keep up our trips down memory lane.”

With you readers’ help, we certainly intend to.

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Bob Lind
Bob Lind, Neighbors columnist. The Forum

Bob Lind
Bob Lind, Neighbors columnist. The Forum

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