Lind: What was the name of that old music store in downtown Fargo?

In today's "Neighbors" column, a reader asks for more info about his former haunts in downtown Fargo.

Bob Lind
Bob Lind, Neighbors columnist. The Forum

Here’s a question plus memories of downtown Fargo a few decades ago.

They come from Lynn Johnson, Wheaton, Minn., who writes, “In the mid-’70s, I lived in an apartment above a music store in downtown Fargo. Do you recall the name of that store?

“I believe the address was in the 200 block — 217 or 219?”

Over to you, neighbors.

And now, here are those memories:


“I worked in the Black Building for the MONY Insurance Co.,” Lynn writes.

“I don’t recall the floor that business was located on. But I remember the elevator operator greeting everyone, closing the door, asking what floor you wanted and opening the door at each stop.

“If anyone has information on the floor number for MONY, I would be interested in knowing that, also.”

Black Building

“As a side note,” Lynn writes, “In weekend conversations with our grown sons, my oldest son was amazed to hear that I worked in the Black Building, as his business, Magnum Electric, had recently done the electrical renovations there, and he stated he would take me there to reminisce.

“That will be fun, as I don’t get to downtown Fargo much.”

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