Local beer and jalapeno popper pizza? What more could you ask for on this episode of 'Backroads with Audra Mari'

Former Miss World America Audra Mari learns about Watford City's Stonehome Brewing Co., the history behind some of their brews, and does some beer-tasting along the way.

In the newest episode of "Backroads with Audra Mari," Audra heads to Watford City, N.D., to visit Stonehome Brewing Co.

Audra meets with Angie Pelton, co-owner, to talk about their family-owned and operated brewery, where you can grab pizza, pasta, appetizers, and of course, beer.

Can't make it to Watford City? No problem! Grab a beer in Bismarck at their second location or a few at your local liquor store.

This is the sixth episode of the "Backroads with Audra Mari" series. In "Backroads," Audra heads down the byways of our region in search of great restaurants, shops, parks and other cool out-of-the-way places.

Missed an episode? Find all the episodes here or use the locator map below. Check back next week for another episode, with even more on the way.


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