Moorhead High School unveils Spudmobile

Moorhead hopes to use the restored and modified 1989 pickup during Friday night football games, first days of school and Moorhead High School and college parades.

Moorhead students gather around the Spudmobile.
Ryan Longnecker / WDAY-TV
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MOORHEAD — Summer feels like a long way off, but when it does roll around, keep an eye out for a much anticipated Moorhead pickup truck.

An anonymous donor bought an old truck that Moorhead High School students and local businesses are now restoring the SpudMobile to get it "parade ready."

Moorhead High students at the new Career Academy couldn't wait to be the first to pose with the new Spudmobile, which started out as a pile of rust.

"Yeah, it was junkyard worthy, I think," said Brian Cole, the community relations coordinator for the Moorhead Legacy Education Foundation.

Over the last two years, volunteers at local auto shops and businesses, along with students like Carter Norman, who redid the whole engine, are piecing this 1989 pickup back together.


"It's something special, that's for sure. Knowing something that is being used in the community, I had a good part in, and I helped make it run. Its really cool," said Moorhead student Carter Norman.

The truck is now a mix of a Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra.

"We have a saying around here, 'Once a Spud, always a Spud,'" said Moorhead Area Public Schools superintendent Brandon Lunak.

The anonymous donor, who attended Moorhead Schools and taught for 33 years in Moorhead, bought the truck and worked with the Moorhead Legacy Education Foundation to get this truck ready for events and parades everywhere.

"We've always loved Moorhead and always respected what comes from Moorhead," the donor said.

One thing is for sure, people will see it coming, and the hope is this truck will still be rolling down Minnesota roads for the next Spud generation.

"I think anytime you can engage kids in something that will last longer than them, I think, will have a big impact," Cole said.

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