Neighbors: A nostalgic walk down Fargo's Broadway in the 1960s

Bob Lind
Bob Lind, Neighbors columnist. The Forum

Nancy (Willson) Langness, formerly of Fargo but now of Moorhead, once wrote Neighbors about how she loved Broadway in downtown Fargo when she was a teenager in the 1960s .

Now, she takes Neighbors’ readers on another trip down Broadway in those days.

“These,” she says, “are just a few business names to trip the memories.”

“Scutt-Moody’s; the hill was an awesome place to break your neck on a skateboard!
“Shotwell’s. Complete with greenhouse!

“The bank with the hot-air doors (the doors didn’t last too long).


“White Drug, with the lunch counter downstairs, where I worked part of my senior year. We only had school half-days, as a result of sharing with Fargo Central High students, who were burned out. We made awesome shakes, malts and sundaes!

“J.C.Penney’s, with the pneumatic tubes to send money to the business office and receipts for your purchases back down!

“Herbst, with the cool ladies’ lounge on the second floor, and beautiful animated displays in the front windows at Christmas time!

“Hall-Allen Shoes, second only to R & G Bootery, because R and G had Capezios! (No explanation required, right, girls?) And Mr. Erickson!

“Siegel’s, Straus’ main competitor for men’s wear.

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“The Pheasant Cafe, on First Avenue. Great Chinese food, and across from Daveau Music, with great 45s and listening rooms.

“Virginia Flora Corset Shop, a great place to watch boys blush as they walked by!


“Stevenson’s, and Mary Elizabeth’s, and Black’s; all great for women’s clothes!

“Dotty Dunn Millinery and accessories.

“Gamble-Skogmo; hardware, furniture and my awesome Monarch bike!

“Thompson’s Children Wear; shirtwaist dresses especially for embarrassing sixth graders.

“Fanny Farmer… CANDY! Need I say more?

“Tandy Leather, hobbies galore!

“Tradehome Shoes, because… shoes!

“The Sky Vend Lunchroom, vending machine heaven in the Black Building.


“Fargo Pizza, Fargo Theatre, watch pizza crust tossed, and movies all day!

“The Bridal Shop, sparkly cocktail dresses and bridal wear to ogle.

“Three Sisters, more women’s and juniors’ clothing.

“Nick’s Popcorn Stand, greasiest nickel bags in town!

“Leeby’s Groceries and Deli, exotic food and baked goods.

“Nassif’s Rugs, floor coverings and early Fargo-Moorhead Community Theatre supporters ( George and Hazelle).

“Powers Coffee Shop, for great Sunday brunches, with Mr. and Mrs. Powers holding court at their usual table.

“Fargo Toggery, another place for men to buy togs.


“There were lots of other places not mentioned here,” Nancy writes; “maybe they’ll come to mind another time.

“The places I’ve mentioned were notable for the reasons listed, and don’t appear in the order in which were situated on the street.”

But Neighbors believes Nancy’s list of Broadway stores in the ‘60s will hit home for many of you.

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