Neighbors: ND man still trying to figure out old photo showing his father as a young boy

Larry Lasch, of Wahpeton, N.D., is still trying to figure out what was going on in this old photo featuring his father, Robert Lasch (the young boy on the left). Special to The Forum
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Last year Neighbors ran this picture that Larry Lasch, Wahpeton, N.D. sent in , hoping someone could tell him what’s going on it. He found it among the things kept by his father Robert Lasch, who grew up in Moorhead, lived in Drayton, N.D., and now lives in West Fargo.

Robert is the boy on the left in the photo.

Larry says his family assumes the man sitting between the boys is an aspiring politician.

Well, Neighbors received only one response to Larry’s question. The man who wrote thought the picture was taken in Winnipeg, since the interviewer’s microphone says CKRC, a Winnipeg radio station.

However, Larry says his father never was in Winnipeg until he grew up, so the reporter must have been in Fargo, Moorhead or somewhere in the F-M region.


So the story of this photo remains a mystery, unless one of you can shed light on it.

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Roger’s record

And now, two readers want to correct a statement about Fargo’s baseball hero Roger Maris made by someone in a Neighbors column a while ago.

The earlier writer said that Roger hit his record-setting (for the time) 61 home runs while the season was 154 games long, later going to 162 games.

Charles Hobbis says that 1961, the year Roger hit 61 homers, was the first year of the extended 162-game season; until that year the season consisted of only 154 games.

David Meiers, Fargo, agrees.

The fact that Roger had the longer season to hit his 61 homers “was the reason Ford Frick (then the sad sack baseball commissioner),” David writes, “had an asterisk placed behind Roger’s record at the time, which was a very stupid thing to do. But it stood in place for many years until removed (I believe by the later commissioner Bud Selig).”

Thanks to Charles and David for straightening this out about the record of Roger, who many people still think should be in baseball’s hall of fame.


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Bob Lind
Bob Lind, Neighbors columnist. The Forum

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