New restaurant to open soon


A new high-end restaurant will open soon in Fargo where the beef served will be hand-selected from cattle owned by the restaurant's owners.

Normans Prime Steaks & Seafood, which will occupy the former Bennigan's location at 1776 45th St. S., is expected to open in late November or early December.

Normans Cattle & Fine Foods LLC is raising its own cattle to control the supply, said David Norman, the primary partner and one of the chefs. He is the former owner of the Fireside restaurant in Detroit Lakes, Minn.

Normans will also supply beef to four other upscale restaurants nationwide.

"We want to make sure our supply is safe," Norman said. "We don't use any growth hormones, we don't use any steroids, we don't use any antibiotics."


Randy Gormley and his father, Richard, are partners in the restaurant and own the ranch near Cody, Wyo., where the cattle will be raised before being transferred to a ranch near Carrington, N.D., to be fed special diets in preparation for slaughter. The Wyoming ranch has been in the Gormley family for five generations.

"It's a great concept to have the connection between the restaurant and the cattle producers so that it can meet the needs of the consumer," Randy Gormley said.

The beef served at Normans will be prime grade, the top of five categories graded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Raising beef to a higher standard takes more time, special feeds and careful breeding, Norman said, adding that it's worth it.

"We have complete control of the cow from the day it's born to the day it gets to their plate," Norman said. "That resonates very well with the customer."

Normans will have fresh seafood flown in daily. Prices have not been set.

The facility will boast several fireplaces, an outdoor patio, torches along 45th Street, and a bar called Flame Lounge that seats 36.

"I've had a chance to travel all over and I really wanted to bring the best to Fargo and I think we've done that," Norman said.


Ed Schultz, national syndicated talk show host, was involved in early stage negotiations, but later dropped out, Norman and Schultz said.

Forum reporter Jon Knutson contributed to this report.

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