Get the new year started at the Women's Goal-Setting Summit

Come with ideas and aspirations and leave with a clear plan

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The 2023 Women's Goal-Setting Summit will be held Thursday, Jan. 13 at the Avalon Events Center.
Graphic courtesy of You Flourish Company
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FARGO — If you're looking to start 2023 off with a clear plan for achieving an important goal, the 2023 Women's Goal-Setting Summit offers exactly that.

Hosted by the You Flourish Company, the summit is set for Jan. 13 at the Avalon Events Center from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Speakers will deliver messages aligned with the event's theme, "Discover. Design. Be. in 2023".

Summit creators Kelsey Buell and Grace Lange, founder and managing partner of You Flourish Company, respectively, said attendees should expect plenty of time to do the hard work of pinpointing important goals and creating an action plan to achieve them.

"It's going to be a lot of working on yourself," Lange said. She wants attendees to come with an open mind and lots of ideas for personal and professional improvement.

Not only that, but attendees will also come away with a network of supporters who can provide encouragement, Buell said. "The women we attract are like-minded and want to grow together," she said. "We take pride in having an open and honest environment."


This is the second annual goal-setting summit, but You Flourish Company hosted its first event three years ago with only 5 women. The event was so successful that Buell and Lange were inspired to scale the it larger. Last year they hosted appromimately 100 women at the Dakota Medical Foundation, but this year's venue can accommodate up to 250 women.

The theme for the event was selected to communicate to attendees that their goals are valuable no matter what they entail.

"I've just grown tired of how we as a society base our worth on productivity, and how women are viewed as more valuable if they are more productive," Buell explained. "We want women to discover and design a plan but also find ways to enjoy who you are and be at peace with that."

In addition, women of all ages and stages will find value in the event, whether they are a new professional, corporate executive, stay-at-home mom, etc. "All are welcome," Buell said. "This is going to be a diverse and beautiful event. We know goals can be intimidating for people, but don't be intimidated."

"This event literally changed the trajectory of people's lives," Lange said about past attendees.

Tickets for the summit are available online and cost $247.

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Graphic courtesy of You Flourish Company

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