Mod Mom: Deb Uglem

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Deb Uglem, center, is mom to four kids (from left): Nick, Emily, Jake, and Tony.
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deb uglem, age 38


stay-at-home married mom of 15 and14-year-old twin sons and 12-year-old daughter

the last book I read that had the most lasting impression...

"Age Is Just A Number" by Dara Torres. Dara launched one of the biggest comebacks in sports when she trained and competed in the Beijing Olympics at the age of 41. Her story makes me believe anything is possible.


i believe friendships for moms are important because...

There is nothing better than adult conversation. Sharing your ideas and dreams with people make them real. I find it refreshing bouncing my thoughts off someone who is removed from the situation.

the last three dinners I made for my kids...

I couldn’t survive without my crock pot. My family loves and eats anything I make. It is amazing how gourmet I feel when there are no leftovers! For the record...Spaghetti, Quesadillas and Chicken Casserole.

my favorite escape from the daily grind...

I enjoy a good run to clear my mind. I also enjoy a nice dinner and a glass of wine.

i believe what makes a good mom is...

Making time to be involved with your kids’ lives and taking care of yourself. If you are content your children feel it and if you are not content they feel that too.


the funniest thing my kids have ever said...

If I was asked this question years ago I could fill a couple pages. Now as my kids get older the funny comments or strange questions have turned to good conversation about their day.

i rely heavily on...

My entire family. My parents, sister, brothers and in-laws. I consider them my closest and dearest friends. When I need something there are several people I can call. I am very lucky that way.

my husband and I make a great team because we...

Understand each other. Tim knows when I need help or encouragement. In our 17 years of marriage we have grown to count on each other and it takes a team to raise four busy kids.

something I am proud of myself for doing...

Maintaining my sense of self. I have worked full-time and have stayed home with my kids over the last 17 years. The one constant is finding ways to better myself. Along with other interests I have trained in 4 marathons, 4 half-marathons and a triathlon. I am proud that my kids see I have goals inside and outside the house and that I work hard to achieve them.


as a mom of four my best tip for maintaining balance or at least some semblance of sanity...

My sanity includes a husband, four active kids and some time for me. My best tip is be involved in your kids’ lives and know when to dial it back and just enjoy them. My husband and I are teaching our kids to rely not only on us, but each other.

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