Real parenting stories more important than highlight reel

OTMOM Editor Mary Jo Hotzler highlights why authentic stories are helpful for parents

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If you only spend your time on social media, you might have a distorted picture of the world.

If your feed is filled with politics, you might see the world as broken or corrupt.

If your feed is filled with people complaining, you might feel agitated or hopeless.

And if your feed is filled with seemingly perfect families with kids who are apparently the best at everything they do, you might see yourself as failing or not measuring up.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve felt all of these recently. The realization of how these things were affecting my mood prompted me a couple of months ago to delete the Facebook app from my phone. I needed a break and I needed to focus inward. It’s been helpful.


Every now and then I log back on, just to see what I’m missing or to check on some news headlines. Typically I scroll one or two times, see the same old stuff, and log off (hoping my real friends and family don’t notice I’m no longer liking their posts since I’ve never bothered to explain my absence.)

Pulling back from Facebook helped me remember why publications like On the Minds of Moms still matter. That sounds a bit self-serving I suppose, but I believe it’s true. A big part of what was turning me off about Facebook was how it made me feel as a parent. I often found myself feeling like everyone else was doing it better than me. And yes, I logically know this isn’t true, but that’s what lack of context can do.

Real stories – including but not limited to the highlight reel – matter, and that’s always been our goal with this magazine. Sure, we want to be fun, but we also want to keep it real. In future editions I look forward to going even more in-depth on important parenting topics.

In this particular edition, you’ll find a mix of fun and upbeat – after all, summer is right around the corner and we ALL are looking forward to that – and you’ll also read several stories that will help you see and feel the beauty that comes from enduring pain and hardship.

I hope you’ll find a story you connect with.

If you have ideas for future articles or moms we should feature, don’t hesitate to reach out at . I’d tell you to DM me on Facebook, but well … you know.

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