Review: “A Grown-Up’s Guide to Kids’ Wiring” breaks down the importance of words to individual children

Book explains four main temperaments as well as strengths, needs and signals of each

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All children are uniquely wired and that wiring will affect their actions, emotional response and words.

How your child is wired must inform your expectations of them, rather than your own upbringing, dreams or experiences.

That’s the premise of Kathleen Edelman’s 2021 book “ A Grown-Up’s Guide to Kids’ Wiring ”.

Special to On the Minds of Moms

She breaks down the four main temperaments: Sanguines, Cholerics, Melancholics and Phlegmatics, and shares details about the strengths, weaknesses, innate needs and signals of each type.
She asserts that the book is written not just for parents, but also teachers, coaches, and counselors. It’s enjoyable, insightful and highly useful, and reiterates that the words you choose to use based on how your child is wired can greatly influence your child’s confidence and self-image.

The book is very approachable (you’ll flip back and forth in different sections, but don’t worry, everything is clearly color coordinated), and you can also access free videos on the author’s website or YouTube that further illuminate many of the concepts she discusses in the book.


You can also access other resources and tools on her website, , to help you understand how kids are wired and how you can adapt your communication with and expectations of them to help them grow into the person they were made to be.

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