Ope: Yer Minnesootan accent isn't as sexy as you think, according to some incorrect new survey

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MOORHEAD — Do you have an accent? No? Well, actually, yes you do. And guess what — apparently it's not as sexy as you think.

In a Big 7 Travel report released this week, our precious Minnesotan accent was ranked 48th out of 50 for sexiest accent in America.


Big 7 Travel says in their report that more than 1 million people helped determine their rankings, making it even more crushing that we were ranked so low.

A Minnesootan accent means Minnesota Nice. I know I'd much rather have someone serving my food, talking to me on the radio or reading my news in an endearing way.


Minnesotans have cute phrases, too . All those oh fers and uff-das really do help with the charm, dontcha know.

Folks in downtown Fargo seemed to think so, too. I took a walk to Broadway this week to chat with some locals about what they thought about these upsetting results, and I was not disappointed.

The survey ranks Texan, Bostonian and New York as the top three accents, respectively.

Have you heard the Bawstin accent? Not sexy. Nawt sexy at all. Ladies do love a Southern drawl, though, so the No. 1 choice isn't too bad... I guess.

But still, 48th for Minnesotan? It's only ranked slightly higher than New Jersey (49th) and Long Islanders (their teas are delightful but their accents are not, so it makes sense they're last on the list).

As an extreme northern-Minnesota native who works hard every day to tame down the bit of Canadian that sneaks its way in every now and again, I am appalled at the lack of understanding that went into this survey.

It's not all bad, though. At least we don't sound like we're from New Jersey.

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