FARGO — Two years ago, Shaina Dolan accidentally left her cat Mishka outside and sadly, he didn't return.

"I was really upset," Dolan said. "For months, (I) was looking for him like every day — looking for him (and) calling for him."

That all changed when she was tagged recently in a post on the Facebook group Fargo/Moorhead Lost & Found Pets and Personal Items page of a cat who was found in north Fargo. It looked like Mishka, but Dolan didn't want to believe it.

"Every once in a while, people would tag me in cat sightings and it was never him, so I kind of assumed it was one of those," Dolan said.

But she became hopeful when she discovered the cat had the same markings and all four paws declawed, just like the one she lost. When they met, she immediately recognized him as Mishka.

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"He instantly started purring and rubbing on my legs and was super happy to see me," she said.

Dolan thinks for the last two years, Mishka was taken care of by someone else.

"He was maybe living in someone's garage or shed because he's pretty healthy — he doesn't have any ear mites or anything," she added.

She's thankful for the person who helped her furry companion.

"Not a lot of people would take the time to take care of somebody else's animal or let him in like that," she said.

Now that Mishka is back home, Dolan said she's going to get him microchipped, just to be safe.