FARGO — If you have called around to try and schedule an appointment with a veterinarian in the area and was told it would be a while, you aren't alone.

Appointment availability in the Fargo-Moorhead area ranges from two weeks to over a month for some facilities. While that may sound unfortunate, others are not accepting new patients at this time to try and deal with the backup.

According to Dr. Heather Mitchell, an Associate Veterinarian at Animal Health Clinic in Fargo, two main factors have increased the wait time.

"There's been a lot more puppies and kittens that have been purchased over the last year, so pet ownership has definitely increased," Mitchell said. "And with dealing with parts of the pandemic, we've extended our appointment times as well. So that has significantly decreased the amount of pets that we can see."

If pets need appointments sooner rather than later, individuals are urged to try other facilities away from the area.