MOORHEAD — A Moorhead woman had a roller coaster of a weekend after her beloved dog ran away.

On Friday night, Feb. 15, Karissa Walker's dog Hope, a 1-year-old German Shepherd, got off her leash. With the help of family, Walker searched for hours.

Finally around 10 p.m. she got a call. Her beloved dog was at the Red River Emergency Animal Hospital and Referral Center, with a gunshot wound and two collapsed lungs. The dog had been shot and veterinarians believed she had been hit by a snowmobile.

"I felt helpless and just didn't know what to do," Walker said.

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When she got the call that her stubborn but playful dog was teetering between life and death, she was given the choice whether to let the hospital ease the dog's pain into death or to fight to help her survive.

"Her chance of survival was very slim and I just couldn't let that be the answer, I wanted to give her a chance to fight and I just couldn't think about the other part," Walker said.

She never gave up Hope, and on Monday they were reunited. You can still see the scar left from where the dog was shot by a farmer trying to protect his chickens and two more big scars from surgery to repair collapsed lungs caused by what vets believe was a hit from a snowmobile.

"I don't know what I would've done to be honest, it scares me because she's not just a pet to me, she's part of my family," said Walker. "She's named Hope so I couldn't give up Hope."

Walker started a GoFundMe page for Hope to help pay for medical bills. More than $1,000 of the $2,000 goal has been reached so far. She said she will still accept donations and plans to use the extra money to help someone else in their time of need.