Remember the old steel welcome arch in Moorhead?

In today's "Neighbors" column, a reader asks for more information about something he's seen in a painting from his mother.

Bob Lind
Bob Lind, Neighbors columnist. The Forum

Here’s a question for people who are familiar with Moorhead a few decades ago.

It comes from Carl Eidbo, Fargo, who writes, “I have been told that until the early ‘50s, there was a steel welcome arch at about 14th Street and 1st Avenue North (formerly Highway 10?) in Moorhead.

“My mother included part of the arch in a painting she made, but that’s all I can find out about it.

“Would any of your readers have photos or information about it?”

Carl’s mother was Joyce (Elmquist) Eidbo. Her father, Carl Chester Elmquist, ran an apiary where Old Lutheran and Junkyard Brewing now are located on First Avenue North in Moorhead.


Joyce passed away in 2010.

Can any of you help Carl with his question, neighbors?

Laughs for the day

Now, for a change of pace, here are a couple of jokes sent in by Jim Hebert, Fargo:

Man: “I’d like two eggs, runny, burnt toast and weak coffee.”

Waitress: “I don’t understand, sir. That sounds terrible.”

Man: “My wife is out of town and I kind of miss her cooking.”


A defendant isn’t happy with how things are going in court, so he gives the judge a hard time.

Judge: “Where do you work?”

Defendant: “Here and there.”

Judge: “Take him away.”

Defendant: “Wait! When will I get out?”

Judge: “Sooner or later.”

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