Santa used to come into town on a dog sled

In today's "Neighbors" column, a reader explains how a North Dakota man used his sled and team of dogs to bring Santa Claus into this small town each holiday season.

Bob Lind
Bob Lind, Neighbors columnist. The Forum

Here’s a Christmas memory from Wilbur Wright, Fargo.

“I grew up on a farm near Antler, N.D., in the late ‘40s and early ‘50s,” Will writes.

George Feland, a farmer near Antler, owned a team of huskies and a dog sled.

“Each year before Christmas, George would use his sled and team of dogs to bring Santa Claus into Antler to the town square.

“Santa had a present for each child. It was a paper bag filled with peanuts in the shell, chocolate candies, peanut brittle and an apple.


“It was always exciting to see the huskies pulling the sled carrying Santa into town.

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“The bag of goodies was a real treat for us kids.

“All of the items in the bag were loose and not wrapped, something that would not likely be acceptable now.”

Will adds that Antler is located in north-central North Dakota on the Canadian border, where it is a U.S. customs port of entry.

“Not many people have heard of Antler or know where it is,” he says. “There’s not many people left there now; maybe 20.”

“Neighbors” always enjoys writing about the region’s small towns. It’s a shame if they’re forgotten.

Merry and blessed Christmas to all you folks who live in them or have connections with them, past and present.


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