Still trying to figure out who's in this old photo that was framed in Fargo

In today's "Neighbors" column, another reader looks for more information about an old photograph of a Merchant Marine crew.

Since running in The Forum, several readers have chimed in with some more info about this photo framed in Fargo and found at a store in California. Special to The Forum

This picture of a Merchant Marine crew in World War II ran here in 2019, with a request for information on who the men were.

The picture had been found in a resale shop in Burbank, Calif., but it was marked that it had been framed in Fargo.

This brought a response from Lorraine Stabile-McGinnis, a senior art history student at Marist College, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

“I am the daughter of the late U.S. Merchant Marine Bosun Matthew Stabile,” Lorraine writes.

“I live a short distance from Kingspoint Merchant Marine Academy.”


Lorraine saw the column about this picture online, and because of the connection she has with the Merchant Marine because of her father, became interested in it.

“I reached out to the academy,” she writes. “The curator there is aware of the images but is unaware of the names of the crew. I am still researching it as part of my senior thesis project.

“My art history is solely maritime related, because my dad’s souvenirs sparked my image and future career from a young age.

“Your article highlights the dedication and challenges our Merchant Marines face many, many times, going unacknowledged for their service. I truly admire them.

“I grew up in Brooklyn, N.Y., with a family living throughout New England,” Lorraine writes. “I played along the docks in New York and New England.

“I want to attend Roger Williams College for Admiralty after Marist.”

And she’s still hoping to find out who the men in this picture are. Can you help her?

Dad is spared

On another matter, “Did you ever hear about the S.S. Poet?” Lorraine writes. “She was lost at sea Oct. 26, 1980.


”She left Cape Henlopen, with a port of call at Port Said, Egypt.

“My dad’s best friend, ABS Carl Goff, was aboard the vessel.

“The Poet was carrying a cargo of grain when she encountered rough seas.

“She was bow heavy and unfit for sea.

“All the crew members were lost.

“The ship was owned and operated by the Hawaiian Eugenia Co.

“My dad was supposed to be on that ship. He said it would have been ‘one last journey with my buddy.’

“Dad would have been the bosun.”


Thankfully, he wasn’t.

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