Tax preparers swamped with last-minute filers

If you still have yet to file for a refund and need extension, you do not need to panic according to a local tax preparer.

FARGO — May 17 is tax day for 2021. Even though this deadline was pushed back more than a month , last minute filers are abundant.

CPA Devon Liljenquist with Arrow Advisors said there are more last-minute filers this year than normal. A big reason for that is small businesses waiting for Minnesota to conform to the recent tax law changes.

The other big reason Liljenquist is hearing about is simple procrastination.

For those who still have yet to file and are expecting a refund, it is not too late to get an extension. Liljenquist said it is an easy process.

"Don't worry, there's no reason to stress; just file the one-page form and you'll be just fine," he said. "If you're someone who usually owes, it would benefit you to send a check to the IRS today."


Many of his clients filed early last year, when the deadline was extended to mid-July. The pandemic sparked many benefits for the small business owners he works with, slightly complicating the process.

"Both of these last two tax seasons, we had a lot to balance because not only did you have the normal tax filings, but we had a lot of clients who were applying for relief from the SBA or other government agencies," Liljenquist said.

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