Thanks to the volunteers who deliver meals during the pandemic

In today's "Neighbors" column, readers send in notes about the men and women who bring meals to homes around the community, as well as a question about a man who enlisted in military service in Fargo decades ago.

Bob Lind
Bob Lind, Neighbors columnist. The Forum

Here’s a nice note from Arlene Haux, Fargo.

“During these trying days of this pandemic,” she writes, “I want to pay tribute to the many men and women volunteers who deliver meals to our homes.

“They are in obedience to stipulations as set by North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum.

“My days are made brighter when my doorbell rings and they are on the other side of my front door.

“Mange tusind tak (many thousand thanks)! You deserve it.”


Right on, Arlene.

Wendell’s family

Now, can someone help this woman?

She’s Kim Keller, of West Fargo.

“I received a call from a man in Oklahoma,” she writes “Neighbors,” “and he was reaching out to me to see if I was related to a Wendell Keller, who was born in 1934 and enlisted in the service in Fargo.

“The gentleman who called me is a Vietnam vet, and he has the POW/MIA bracelet for Wendell, who died in Vietnam. He would like to get it to a family member.

“I told him I would try to help, so I called a few people in the area with the last name Keller, who weren’t related to my husband’s family, but to no avail.

“Maybe you can help!”

Do you know someone in Wendell Keller’s family? If so, let “Neighbors” know, and the information will be passed on to Kim.


If you have an item of interest for this column, mail it to Neighbors, The Forum, Box 2020, Fargo, ND 58107, fax it to 701-241-5487 or email

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