Tips for making your pets safe and comfortable on July 4

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When Heather Clyde goes to the pound the day after the Fourth of July there are going be more animals there than normal. More pets are lost on the Fourth of July than any other day of the year Clyde said. Clyde is the shelter manager at Homeward Animal Shelter in Fargo.

“We are all out enjoying the Fourth of July celebrations and having a good time meanwhile your pets could definitely be terrified and this is not exactly an enjoyable holiday for them so keep them in mind when you are making decisions this holiday.”

Clyde offered some tips to keeping your pet safe and comfortable during the Fourth of July.


1. Animals should have a collar with an up to date id tag or a microchip implanted.

“The sooner someone can identify who the pet belongs to, the sooner you can get your pet back home,” Clyde said.

2. Have a current photo of your pet.

3. Exercise your pets early in the day before the festivities begin.

“Playing with your pets before going out to an outing or relatives are coming over helps relax your pet but also wears out some of the energy.”

4. Leave a frozen stuffed treat to keep them busy

5. If pets are afraid of loud noises, play some gentle music or leave the tv on to cover the sound of fireworks.

6. Have an escape-proof room your pet can go to or a quiet, safe place to hide.

Chris Flynn is an audio/visual journalist at The Forum. He graduated with a bachelor’s in online journalism from Minnesota State University Moorhead. Flynn has worked at Forum Communications since 2008.

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