Where: Cordoba, Spain

When: June 2018

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Distance from Fargo: 4,460 miles

Comments: “This is the mezquita, a combination of a Moorish mosque and Catholic cathedral. The first mosque was built here in basilica-style layout after the Moorish conquest of Cordoba in the 8th century. Expansion continued through the 10th century. Christian armies regained control of Cordoba in the 11th century. Parts of the mosque were made into a beautiful Christian cathedral from the 11th through 18th centuries. The interior still has a large flavor of beautiful Moorish arch architecture. The cathedral bell tower, from which this photo was taken, at one time was the mosque minaret. The surrounding wall of the mezquita, not visible in this photo, has many beautifully decorated Moorish arched entrances.

Carl Noss, Fargo

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