FARGO — By the time most people hit their 60s, there is a good chance some will likely be thinking about upcoming retirement plans, but not Martin Davies of Argentina. The father of three is calling Fargo home but just for a few days.

Davies is walking across the Americas. He started two years ago in South America. His goal is to reach Alaska by way of Canada.

Davies' journey now has him all the way up to Fargo, and he plans to stick around until the weather warms up a bit. But at the age of 62, he has ventured out on an incredible journey.

"It is completely personal to do something significant," Davies says with the help of translator Karin Hillstrom.

He started at the very tip of Argentina and made his way through South America, the heart of Central America, Mexico and now the United States — 18,000 miles so far by foot.

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"Only the neighbors know me; I wanted to do something more significant," Davies said.

Imagine the people and scenery he has seen these last two years, walking thousands of miles and pulling a cart.

"But having seen so many different cultures, I learn a lot, " said Davies. "I learn about so many nice people who want to help."

At 62 Davies says to sit around and do nothing is to die. So this journey continues, now in North Dakota where snow, cold and wind has temporarily sidelined him.

Martin Davies, 62, of Argentina travelling with his cart.
Martin Davies, 62, of Argentina travelling with his cart.

"We have snow and winters in Argentina, but never so harsh like here," Davies says.

He has about 3,600 miles left to get to the northern tip of Alaska. Imagine from the tip of Argentina to the some of the most unforgiving parts of the world to the north...all on foot. He says he has never thought about quitting.

Once he completes the journey, Davies will return to Argentina where he repairs fences and windmills. His wife and three children will be waiting.

Links to his blog and Facebook page.