Veteran honors family members in Detroit Lakes Memorial Day parade

Detroit Lakes Memorial Day parade.jpg

DETROIT LAKES, Minn. — The Memorial Day parade in Detroit Lakes isn't about fancy floats, bags of candy, or the extra day off from work. It's about something much more important.

"It's to reflect on the past and recall the family members and friends who didn't come home," said Vietnam-era veteran, Larry Hynding.

For Hynding, marching in the parade is a family affair. Pinned to the front of his replica civil war uniform are three medals, each one has a story of its own.

"The first one is to recognize my great-grandfather who was in the civil war, my father was a World War I vet, and my uncle was a distinguished soldier in the Pacific theater during World War II," said Hynding.


With Washington Avenue lined with people, veterans appreciate that so many spend their Memorial Day morning paying homage to our country's veterans.

"The Detroit Lakes community has always been supportive of the veterans community, and it's just the right thing to do on Memorial Day to recognize our present day veterans, and of course the people who came before us," said Hynding.

For the kids watching the parade, it's a much more simple affair but the sentiment is the same.

"I'm thankful for them, that they protect us," said 10-year-old Griffin Johnson.

"It makes me feel happy and excited that it's here," said Detroit Lakes' Rosie Keeley

Whether you're a kid waving as the parade goes by, or a veteran honoring your peers, today wouldn't be possible without the brave men and women who serve our country.

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