WATCH: West Fargo family receives belated Christmas surprise

Join in as West Fargo family receives surprise Christmas

WEST FARGO — A group of Aerotek employees and elementary school teachers dropped a pile of presents on an unsuspecting West Fargo family this past weekend, giving them the Christmas of a lifetime.

"Not sure how they're gonna react," said Aerotek employee Mitch Prubila as the group prepared to deliver the gifts. " I want them to know that it comes from the heart, from us as individuals us as a community. I just have to say Fargo stepped up big time."

Through the non-profit, "Best Christmas Ever," hundreds of people helped make it happen. They donated dozens of presents were, and thousands of dollars were raised.


The massive delivery of gifts, just as the year was coming to a close on Dec. 30, 2018, came at a tough time for the family of five that received them. One family member, Ella Bieber, is fighting stage three cancer.

Lisa McIntosh, Bieber's mother, was excited to see her daughter smile.

when you don't feel like you can always give them what you want when you go through hard times, its amazing, its amazing," she said.

Bieber has gone through seven surgeries since May, and one a week and a half ago. So while the presents pile up, so do the medical bills. It's why, along with the gifts, the family was given nearly $10,000 to help cover the expenses.

"I was speechless, I'm very thankful, very thankful," said McIntosh.

next to the pile of presents were another set of boxes that were already in the home. They read: "live simply, laugh often, and love much."

McIntosh said she's had the boxes since high school. "They've always been with me everywhere I go, that's just the motto in life," she said.

"I do know that there's three little girls, a mom and a dad up there that are pretty happy with what this community, what this organization was able to help put together," said McIntosh.


Even though it was five days past, they said it really was the best Christmas Ever.

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