Lloyd Omdahl


Omdahl is a former N.D. lieutenant governor and retired University of North Dakota political science teacher. Email

Columnist Lloyd Omdahl writes, "The word 'sovereignty' suggests ultimate power, something that, in reality, Native Americans do not have. In American history, sovereignty rested with the folks who had the most guns.

Columnist Lloyd Omdahl writes about low voter turnout, increasing political polarization and more in this week's column.
Columnist Lloyd Omdahl encourages lawmakers to invest Legacy Fund dollars on education.
Columnist Lloyd Omdahl writes, "
The ballot measure raises this question: Has the legislature become so out of step with the people that it needs an institutional makeover?
Omdahl shares a humorous take on his upbringing in North Dakota.
"Cara Mund has one strong point in her favor," suggests Lloyd Omdahl. "People are fed up with partisan politics. She is a breath of fresh air in the smoke-filled rooms of the kingmakers."
Omdahl writes, "In the two-house system, the legislators are always gaming the system to confuse accountability or avoid responsibility for their actions. There is too much buck-passing in the bicameral system."
Omdahl writes, "Parties are seldom formed until they are mobilized by an issue that has broad appeal. We have had individuals run as third party candidates but they failed because their causes didn’t have a popular base."
Omdahl writes, "It’s like a period of 'no fault' because no matter how much you screw up all you need say is 'I’m old!'”
In today's column, Omdahl shares some North Dakota history.