Local health professionals say learning CPR could save the life of someone you know

A look at Sanford Ambulances' CPR course and the importance of Staying Alive.

FARGO — February is American Heart Month and health professions in the area want to make sure we keep the song Staying Alive by The Bee Gees in our head; it could help save lives.

Sanford Ambulances' CPR courses are all about Staying Alive, with nurses saying it's important to be prepared to deal with cardiac arrest.

The American Heart Association says 70?% of cardiac arrests happen inside the home; meaning it's more likely you would use CPR on someone you know.

Sanford's $50, three hour long course is made to prepare you for that.

"It's a really easy class. They walk you through everything and go step by step and they teach you how to do compressions. They teach you how to give breaths. They teach you how to use an AED. It's a fun, quick class and a skill that you can use the rest of your life," says Kristi Engelstad, a clinical learning specialist with Sanford Ambulance.


Details on registering for a CPR class can be found on Sanford's website HERE .

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