Lonna Whiting

Guest writer

This article is part of a content partnership with The Arts Partnership, a nonprofit organization cultivating the arts in Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo. For more information, visit the artspartnership.net.

The Arts Partnership interviews the visual artist and trained biologist about his approach, influences and past work experience as a software engineer.
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The Arts Partnership previews two arts events happening soon in the community.
TAP recently gave nearly $20,000 in grant funding to artists and musicians in Fargo-Moorhead.
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The art of nourishment is now in practice and helping to provide fine art to the pantry's food recipients in Fargo-Moorhead.
Artists in residence at the studios in Fargo's West Acres are ready to sell their work and demonstrate what they do during the annual craft festival.
Art is ready to view on demand from partner artists, just in time for spring.