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Post Bulletin Reporter Matthew Stolle

Matthew Stolle

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They were called heroes for the first time in their lives, for their willingness to work at a time when bars, restaurants and fitness centers were closed to stem the tide of a deadly virus. These reliable employees played key roles in sustaining critical elements of the economy at a time of uncertain peril when so little was known about COVID-19. In Rochester, Minnesota, a handful of these everyday workers represents a microcosm of all of those who kept life moving when everything else stopped.
Claiming she was a victim of police brutality, she emerges as a sympathetic figure in conservative media.
Rochester man retires after getting his last deer.
The adage that the client is always right has morphed into "Fight Club" rules, said Dr. Christine Vogel.
The allegations concern payments made to a Hagedorn staff member for more than $100,000 in taxpayer dollars for the printing of mailers. That revelation was first reported by the Minnesota Reformer. Hagedorn is also alleged to have maintained a rent-free campaign office, which was reported by Politico.
Gwen Jacobson started running in marathons in her 50s. A decade later, the Rochester woman has competed in more than 80 marathons.
'We need to remember what can happen.'
Gazelka considered among the top three Republicans to win party endorsement.
DFL seeks to galvanize its supporters as possible repeal of abortion rights looms.