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Mike Hulett


Born in Illinois, Mike graduated from high school in Wisconsin and moved to Moorhead with his family. A University of Minnesota graduate, he served in the Navy during the Vietnam War.

Mike has 40+ years experience in human resources management, creating the City of Moorhead HR department, serving as HR Executive at Fargo Clinic/MeritCare Health System, and teaching management/supervisory workshops for the University of Minnesota Employer Education Service and other clients.

He was a charter member and a past-president of the Fargo-Moorhead Area Human Resources Association and a past national president of the Human Resources Society, Medical Group Management Association. Mike has been guest speaker at national conferences of the American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration and the Human Resources Society of the Medical Group Management Association.

He volunteered in the Clay County Police Reserve, earned a part-time Minnesota peace officer license, then served many years as a part-time deputy sheriff with the Clay County Sheriff’s Office.

Mike was elected to the Moorhead School Board for two terms, was Chair of the Board for one year, and was also elected to the Moorhead City Council for one term.

He assisted in merging the Fargo and Moorhead Chambers of Commerce and served as first Board Chair. He was part of the team that earned All America City status for Fargo and Moorhead. Gov. Dayton appointed Mike a Commissioner on the Greater Minnesota Regional Parks and Trails Commission. He is an active bike rider in the F-M area and Minnesota.

Mike is a 30-year volunteer on the Fargo AirSho Committee. An avid videographer, he has produced many DVDs of weddings and special events for family and friends over the years. His current passion is drone videography of regional parks and trails.

Janie and Mike have five sons and four grandchildren.

"The Moorhead Business Association will become even stronger as its membership continues to expand," writes InForum columnist Mike Hulett. "In turn, it provides essential support for the growth and vitality of the crown jewel among regional cities: Moorhead."

"Biden’s legacy is stained with gaffes and grift," InForum columnist Mike Hulett details.
Hulett writes, "Instead of unilaterally killing America with climate anxiety, let’s require unconditionally that the “we” includes every other nation taking exactly the same actions at exactly the same time. No coal burned in the USA – no coal burned anywhere else. Natural gas and oil use restricted in the USA – gas and oil use equally restricted everywhere else."
"Just as we understood back in the 1950s, nuclear war between any adversary and the United States would most likely escalate and destroy both," writes InForum columnist Mike Hulett.
InForum columnist Mike Hulett invites developers to consider their options on the eastern side of the Red River.
"Readers, your President and Vice President are intentionally allowing foreign invaders to freely overrun your national borders in direct violation of your laws," writes InForum columnist Mike Hulett. "There is no end in sight."
"Unimpeded riots following George Floyd’s death sent a signal to criminals that everything had changed," writes InForum columnist Mike Hulett. "Images on television communicated to criminals that, because of Floyd’s death at the hands of a police officer, they can get away with carjacking, smash-and-grab robberies and other violent crimes at little or no personal risk."
"Polls indicate Americans of all races and political stripes have figured out that the 'growing threat in furtherance of domestic, social or political goals' applies directly to Biden," writes InForum columnist Mike Hulett.
"This political hack stunt from Democrats was a grave insult to the memories of those who died in the Civil War, at Pearl Harbor and on 9/11, and to their family members," writes Mike Hulett.
"Irrespective of who might ultimately be proven to have had roles in planning the Capitol breach, it’s a solid bet that the very fact that the intrusion actually took place has largely eliminated former President Donald Trump from being re-elected," InForum columnist Mike Hulett writes. "Today, clear-thinking Trump supporters are already looking over the rich field of potential 2024 presidential candidates."
Bill O’Reilly recently opined that bitter divisions between traditional Americans and leftist Democrats determined to “transform America” into a one-party socialist state are so deep that an event on the level of an all-out world war or a monumental natural catastrophe would be the only means to ever again unite the American people.