Acres & Shares and RRFN Introduce New Podcast

Acres & Shares and the Red River Farm Network announced the launch of the new Well Grounded podcast. The monthly podcast is hosted by Jayson Menke of Acres & Shares and Randy Koenen of the Red River Farm Network. Menke and Koenen are interviewing experts from the world of agriculture and real estate, discuss farmland values, industry trends and the economy.

“Selling a farm is typically a once in a lifetime experience,” said Menke. “The Well Grounded podcast is featuring industry leaders to provide perspective on these important decisions.”

In the debut edition of Well Grounded, the guest is Brady Martz and Associates CPA and shareholder Jake Franklin. Franklin focuses on taxes with an emphasis on agriculture. The Biden Administration is proposing changes to the tax system, including the approach to capital gains, stepped up basis and tax rates. This podcast delivers a timely look at these complicated issues.

Well Grounded, which is a monthly podcast, can be found at and The podcast is also available through iTunes, Google Play and Spotify.

Contact: Jayson Menke 218-779-1293