Congradrool ations to all 2020 graduates from Rooty!

Rooty would love to extend a special congraDROOLations to all 2020 graduates, including his brother Drake who graduated from the third grade and sister Phoebe who graduated from the first!

Rooty’s foot has healed nicely, just in time to work on his beach bod this summer. Even with all the extra time in the gym, Rooty’s still getting multiple naps in per day, his favorite activity. To work on his cardio, Rooty loves short walks and lying in the shade when he gets too hot. The hot summer sun can’t stop him from having a great time when Drake and Phoebe invite their friends over to play outside, though!

Despite loving kids, Rooty has decided to follow his vet’s recommendation to get neutered at his six month checkup in July. Although he’s not looking forward to the surgery, maybe his owner will reward him with an ice cream treat? Only time will tell.